5 Tips for Writing a Headline that WORKS

Ever wonder how to write a great headline? One that people will read and keep scrolling through your post? A headline that tells your story and brings readers in?

Check out these 5 tips to write a headline that’ll get your work the attention it deserves:

  1. Ask a question. We think in questions (How do I do that? What is that smell?). Make your headline say what we are thinking.
  2. Use “how to.” The most read headlines have the words “how-to” in them. Readers want to know how to do something…tell them.
  3. Make it fun. There is a place for academics, but social posts aren’t it. Make your headline interesting to hook people in.
  4. Tell us what you are talking about. Clever is great, but if it is obtuse or confusing, it is wasted. Tell us what the post is about, and we might just read it.
  5. Know your reader. This is true for every aspect of writing. Talk to your reader, and know what they need/want to hear.

Think of your headline as the gateway to your post. Use it to open the door for your readers and invite them in.

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