Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. Here is a drill to get you ready for the golf season. It is called the “Stick Drill” and can be used to get the proper posture for your golf swing whether you are a new or advanced golfer.


Most golfers bend their knees first and try to bend over the ball from their waist. To obtain the proper posture for your golf swing, you need to bend from the hips first, maintaining a straight spine, and then flex your knees for an athletic position.


“Stick Drill” – Take a golf club or broomstick and place it along your spine holding it with one hand against the back of your head, and the other pressed against your tailbone. Keeping the stick on your back, bend forward from the hips with your legs straightened; keep the stick touching your spine. After you are tilted from the hips into a golf posture, slightly flex your knees and relax.


Hint – If the golf club/stick came off your spine at your head or lower back, you do not have the proper golf posture. The club/stick should stay on your spine at both points. Bend from your hips, not your waist.


Proper golf posture is one of the most important swing basics. It allows the golfer to turn easily and achieve a proper swing plane, creating consistency in your golf swing. It is a learned behavior and will become more familiar with practice. Do 10-15 repetitions each day and you will achieve a better posture.


Ann Wolta Blackstone is an LPGA Teaching Professional