Marketing That Doesn’t Suck!

Hello, APW sisters!  This is a public service blog aimed at my FiFP (Friends in Financial Planning) and anyone in the business of helping clients make big money decisions.  I’m looking at you, Realtors, CPAs, insurance professionals, and mortgage brokers

Not to brag (definitely bragging), but I have received many compliments on my email marketing and outreach over the years.  Shout out to Social Seed Marketing and Be Digital Marketing!

It’s not surprising.  Financial planners use notoriously BORING marketing and customer outreach.  Here is what is NOT engaging to your clients and prospects:

  • Quarterly/monthly/weekly economic updates.
  • Blah-blah about various sectors of the stock market. Up, down, sideways, backwards.
  • Convoluted financial strategies that are only helpful to the tippy top of the 1-percenters.
  • Jargon-heavy articles that are 1,500 words long meant to make you look smart and your prospects/clients feel so dumb they simply must hire you.

And I bet that’s what you are mostly sending out.  You know it, you hate it, and it feels out of control for many of you who report through large firms and their misery-inducing compliance departments.

But let’s try to make the snooze-fest stop.

Here are topics that will result in clients and prospects actually reading what you send.

  • Personal finance basics. Even my most highly educated clients don’t have any idea how much to keep in a savings account.
  • Stories and examples they can relate to.
  • Commonly asked questions that you hear from your customers – answer them in a blog!
  • Something interesting and personal about YOU. Dog photos, mistakes you have made, even the occasional recipe.
  • Blog posts that don’t make readers feel stupid. Leave them feeling excited that they learned something new and useful from you that they could implement today.

Effective communication will show that you are likeable, relatable, and have the know-how to guide them.  You want to be the approachable expert that people think of when they or a friend suddenly need advice.

To that end, I have partnered with Catherine Tidd of Social Seed Marketing and Graphic Designer Extraordinaire Annmarie Weldon (APW-famous for her spectacular tie-breaking dance number at Drag Queen Bingo 2024), to create Advisor Script.

At Advisor Script, we have written eBooks that are

  • Informative
  • Concise
  • Relatable
  • Funny

You can buy 1 or many eBooks to add to your website as a resource for clients and prospects.  With the purchase of any eBook, you will also receive 5-6 follow-up email scripts that you can customize and send out to make those warm leads into live clients.

Check out our eBooks and samples here. Contact me to talk about how to grow your business without putting your prospects to sleep.

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