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What APW means to me:
Ginny Taylor
A Better View Decor

Philanthropic legacy and professional development

In order to feel compassion and to develop a legacy of what I stand for, I think it is necessary to be a part of a group like APW. It is amazing to see the fruits of our efforts of as organization. I get that now, since joining the business world in 1990, that philanthropic activities combined with my career give me a great deal of satisfaction. I like the way APW mixes up both professional women sharing ideas (and referrals!) and the "we can make a difference to other women" attitude apparent within APW. It is so neat to see the women APW have helped and it is so important to me personally and professionally as it keeps me motivated, dedicated and more compassionate to try more, to do more, to make a difference - not as a pat on my back kind of thing, but more of a woman small business owner doing my little part to help others be more successful, whether that be through our financial contributions or through mentoring or through simple words of encouragement, motivating other women is an enrichment program for your soul. It is awesome to think we are creating a cycle of women that feel motivated to in turn leave a legacy for their children to be proud of.